Lessons at Hill Crest Farm​

Allow at least 30 minutes prior to your lesson to groom and tack you horse.  You should be mounted and prepared for instruction at the proper time.  New students and young children will have have this groom and tacking up included in your one (1) hour lesson.  At the end of each lesson the rider is responsible for grooming his/her mount, cleaning his/her tack, and returning all equipment to its proper place.  This takes approximately 30 minutes.  Please make payments prior to preparing for your lesson.   

Full Care Boarding:, Training and Lessons: A Perfect Place For You And Your Equine Partner 

Hill Crest Farm LLC

Dress Code

First Lesson: Students are required to wear jeans or long pants, hard soled shoes (no sneakers) and an ASTM approved helmet.  We can provide a helmet for the first three (3) lessons, but the student will be required to provide their own after that.

ASTM/SEI certified helmets and boots with heels are mandatory when mounted.  Paddock boots and breeches are preferred.  Hair should be neatly hidden under hat with clips and hair nets.  Tank tops and shorts are not considered proper attire.

To purchase any of the above items please contact Leid's, The Horseman's Outlet or Dover Saddlery. 


Hill Crest Farm staff emphasizes safety and positive learning.  We specialize in adult and teen/young adults lessons - beginner through advanced.  You're NEVER too old to start riding at Hill Crest.

Hill Crest Farm creates an atmosphere of learning and responsibility for all students, ensuring a positive and productive introduction to horses.

Lessons are by appointment only 7 days a week on farm-owned school horses or your own horse(s).  Trailer-in lessons are welcomed. Individual and group lessons are available, as well as participation at local and A-rated shows.

If a student has never been on a horse or has limited exposure to riding, we begin with an one (1) hour private lesson